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Always keep track of the distance you walk and stay on course with confidence and precision.

Our DTC pace count ranger beads are made in house by us, sourced with US made products and materials only.

Pace count ranger beads, often used in navigation and land navigation, are a simple yet highly effective tool for tracking distance covered by counting steps or paces. Consisting of a set of beads or other markers, they assist individuals in estimating distances traveled on foot.

The way these ranger beads function is by allowing the user to count a specific number of paces, typically 100, then move a bead to keep track. After a designated number of sets, such as five sets of 100 paces, the user knows they've traveled a predetermined distance, usually corresponding to a specific unit of measurement like meters or yards.

Ranger beads serve as an aid in maintaining an accurate measure of distance while navigating through diverse terrains, making them an invaluable tool for hikers, backpackers, military personnel, and outdoor enthusiasts. They provide a practical method for gauging distance without the reliance on modern technology, offering a reliable and straightforward means of estimating distance covered on foot.

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